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What Ductless HVAC System Provide Best Ventilation Medical Clinic

What Ductless HVAC System Will Provide the Best Ventilation for a Medical Clinic?

What Ductless HVAC System Provide Best Ventilation Medical Clinic

With many advantages over other HVAC options, ductless mini splits are becoming increasingly popular among home and business owners nationwide. Medical clinics are one specific business that is greatly benefited by a ductless mini split system’s excellent ventilation and filtration capabilities. 

Fortunately, ComfortUp sells ductless mini splits from the best HVAC brands in the industry. Read below to find out why your medical clinic needs a ductless mini split, and then browse our collection of mini split products to find a system that meets your needs!

What Are Ductless Mini Splits?

Ductless mini splits utilize innovative technologies and components to provide advanced heating, cooling, and filtration. In a ductless mini split system, an outdoor condenser or compressor is connected to one or more air handling units by copper wires and pipes. 

In addition to a traditional style, the indoor air handling unit is available in other designs such as ceiling cassette and concealed mount. The different styles allow for optimal space utilization, which can be crucial in medical clinics. They will also not clash with the room’s aesthetic and decor. 

Ductless mini splits are available in single or multi-zone systems. A single-zone system features one outdoor unit connected to one indoor air conditioner, while a multi-zone system has multiple indoor units connected to the same outdoor condenser. 

A single-zone system allows for control over the floor, room, or general area where the indoor unit is physically located. Each indoor air conditioner in a multi-zone system can be controlled independently of each other, meaning you can change the temperature in one zone without impacting the others. 

air conditioner blowing cold air

Single zone systems are best in individual rooms, areas, or levels while multi-zone systems work best in buildings with multiple rooms or levels. Ductless mini splits can also be used as primary or supplementary heating sources. They can co-exist with other HVAC systems, such as central ducted systems, or they can heat and cool an area by themselves. 

The main reason for ductless mini splits’ increase in popularity is their heightened efficiency relative to other HVAC units such as central ducted systems. Medical clinics are costly to operate, as the average 50-bed hospital spends about $680,000 on electricity and gas annually. There are not many ways to cut costs when running a medical clinic, as each gadget or piece of electronics plays a crucial role toward keeping patients healthy and safe. 

Fortunately, ductless mini splits are so efficient that they lead to reduced heating and cooling costs! Roughly 30% of all energy produced by a central HVAC system is lost as it travels through the ducts. This excessive waste adds up very quickly and leads to significantly higher energy bills. This waste is eliminated when using a ductless mini split system, as they do not require any extensive ductwork. Additionally, the efficiency of a ductless mini split helps reduce your environmental impact. 

ComfortUp sells only the highest efficiency mini split systems, demonstrated by their high SEER and Energy Star ratings. Mini split efficiency is measured by SEER, or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. The higher the SEER rating, the more efficient the mini split. It is generally agreed upon that the SEER rating should be no less than 14, and some ComfortUp mini splits have ratings as high as 38! 

Energy Star was designed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Department of Energy to help preserve the environment and reduce energy consumption. Energy Star labels are placed on highly efficient products, such as mini splits. ComfortUp proudly sells a variety of mini splits with the Energy Star label. 

Ventilation in Medical Clinics

Ventilation and indoor air quality is of the utmost importance in medical clinics. Not only does it keep patients and employees comfortable, but it drastically improves the clinic’s sanitation. Fortunately, a ductless mini split can help improve the indoor air quality and ventilation in your medical clinic.

Ductless mini splits are more than just air conditioners. They are also air filters, purifiers, and dehumidifiers. Inside each indoor air-handling unit, a filter removes any harmful particles from the air. These include dust, dirt, debris, bacteria, and other harmful pathogens or allergens. They also remove any airborne moisture to deter mold and mildew growth. This leads to significantly improved indoor air quality and a comfortable environment. A ductless mini split also eliminates the need to purchase stand alone air filters, purifiers, and dehumidifiers for your medical clinic. 

Improving the indoor air quality and ventilation in a medical clinic helps reduce the spread of HAIs, or hospital associated infections. These illnesses or infections are developed by patients during their stay but are unrelated to their original sickness. Common HAIs include pneumonia and bloodstream infections, but they can be any sickness or infection developed during your stay at a medical clinic. 

Some HAIs are spread through airborne bacteria, but proper ventilation has been shown to reduce hospital infections. Harmful pathogens can build up in the ducts of a central HVAC system. Over time, they are then dispersed throughout the entire clinic, endangering patients and employees alike. By improving your medical clinic’s indoor air quality with a ductless mini split, you are significantly reducing your patients’ risk of developing an HAI. 

mitsubishi mr slim graphic


ComfortUp carries high quality ductless mini splits from the industry’s most trusted brands, such as Mitsubishi. Their patented Zoned Comfort Solutions mini splits provide an unparalleled heating and cooling experience, and they are available in single or multi-zone systems. 

A Hyper Heating inverter inside each air conditioner allows them to heat and cool any indoor area in even the most extreme outdoor climates. Your patients and employees can be warm inside even if it’s -13 outside! Additionally, most Mitsubishi mini splits give owners complete control over their system through Wi-Fi connection and smartphone compatibility. 

As a top-name brand, Mitsubishi mini split systems may be a bit more expensive than other alternatives; they average around $1,000 but their top models can go much higher. However, Mitsubishi mini splits are worth every penny and their cost is offset by the savings on energy costs in your medical clinic. 

Some of our top-selling Mitsubishi mini split models are the M, Mr. Slim, and MXZ series. The M Series was designed for small- to medium-sized rooms and are available in wall-mounted, compact floor, or ceiling cassette versions. They are fairly inconspicuous, making them the perfect match for your medical clinic. 

Mr. Slim mini splits were designed with businesses in mind, making them another excellent option for any medical clinic. They are highly efficient and nearly silent during operation. The MXZ series is a multi-zone system that can feature up to eight indoor units, making it an efficient and convenient option for medical clinics with multiple rooms or levels. 

gree u match series graphic


Roughly ⅓ of all air conditioners in the world are GREE products, and this is not accidental. They have been at the forefront of HVAC innovation since their founding in 1991. The “GREE Difference” helps them provide excellent heating and cooling products for homes and businesses worldwide. GREE mini splits use innovative inverter technology to reduce heating and cooling consumption by up to 65%. Additionally, all GREE products except for the Rio and Livo + models use an anti-corrosion coating to prevent parts from deteriorating. 

ComfortUp sells a variety of different GREE mini splits. The Vireo+ is an excellent option for any medical clinic owner in search of a single-zone system. This wall-mounted mini split has a SEER rating of 23, so it can help reduce your clinic’s heating and cooling costs. It utilizes smart technologies to create a comfortable indoor environment. You can customize and program specific temperature cycles, and the system runs self-diagnostic tests in the event of any malfunctions!

GREE’s U-Match series was designed specifically for use in commercial business buildings, and it would be the perfect mini split in your medical clinic for several reasons. It is available in ceiling cassette, slim duct, or universal floor/ceiling styles, so it can meet any space restrictions or design wants. 

It is also very quiet, with a minimum sound of  37 db(A) and a maximum sound of 53 db(A). It also has advanced and efficient air filters inside, meaning that it will significantly improve your clinic’s indoor air quality. Other popular GREE mini split systems sold by ComfortUp include the Vireo +, Vireo + Ultra, and Multi + Ultra

LG-LS090HSV4 graphic


ComfortUp proudly sells three different inverter-driven mini split models from LG, one of the best HVAC brands in the business. With an expansive range of capabilities, designs, features, and functions, there is certainly an LG mini split for your medical clinic. 

LG mini split systems are available in different designs and offer various performance benefits for business owners. They use sensors to control temperature and humidity, and their self-cleaning coils simplify an already easy maintenance process. Additionally, their GoldFin anti-corrosion coating helps prevent any deterioration.

The LG LS090HSV4 is a wall-mounted unit with a cooling capacity of 9,000 BTUs and a 21.5 SEER rating. It’s the perfect system for smaller medical clinics of 300 to 500 square feet. The LG LS120HSV4 is also a wall-mounted unit with a 21.5 SEER rating. However, its cooling capacity is 11,200 BTUs, making it the perfect fit in clinics sized between 400 and 650 square feet. Finally, the LG LS180HSV4 is a larger and more efficient system designed for rooms sized between 600 and 1,000 square feet. It has a cooling capacity of 18,200 BTUs. 

mini split in empty room

Mini Split Sizing 

When purchasing a mini split system for your medical clinic, you must know the area’s size. Mini split systems are designed for rooms or areas of specific sizes, and an improperly sized mini split is very inefficient. It does not do an adequate job of heating and cooling the area, and it may “short cycle.” This is when the system repeatedly turns on, blows out a blast of cold air, and then powers off. 

Mini split size is measured in tons and expressed in BTUs, or British Thermal Units. This measurement of heat refers to the amount of energy required to heat water by one degree Fahrenheit. One ton equals 12,000 BTUs per hour, meaning that a one-ton air conditioner can remove 12,000 BTUs of heat from an indoor area in one hour. Be sure to measure your indoor area and consult this sizing guide before purchasing a mini split. 

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ComfortUp has a team of trained product specialists standing by ready to help you find the best ductless HVAC system for your medical clinic! We can evaluate your needs and help you find the perfect match in no time.  Now that you’re ready to purchase a ductless mini split system, give us a call at 1-855-337-0001 or contact us online.

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