What Is the Best Ductless Heating and Cooling System?

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If you’ve been shopping for home air conditioning solutions, you may already know that ductless mini split heat pumps are the most efficient heating and cooling systems available today. 

However, you may be wondering which mini split heat pump system is the best for your home, needs, and budget. Here are the features and specifications to look for in the best models and how to recognize the most suitable mini splits for your specific needs and requirements.

Initial Factors to Consider

Everyone has a different definition of what makes the best mini split. A system that is ideal for one household may not necessarily work for yours. For instance, your home might have a different layout or a different number of occupants, or you might not prioritize the same features.

However, there are details and factors you can look for to help narrow down your search and ensure you get the highest quality system, regardless of the number of zones or the system’s capacity:

  • The manufacturer’s reputation
  • Energy efficiency ratings
  • Unique features and benefits offered
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The Importance of a Trusted Manufacturer

There are countless mini split brands and manufacturer names on the market. However, only a few have built the reputation of producing high-quality products. Here are the brands ComfortUp carries and why you can trust them:

Gree Electric

Gree Electric is a Chinese appliance company and the world’s largest air conditioner manufacturer. Although they only entered the U.S. market in 2015, the company has over 30 years of experience making some of the world’s most energy-efficient AC systems. Numerous Gree mini split products feature excellent energy efficiency ratings.


LG Electronics is a subsidiary of the South Korean LG Corporation, specializing in household appliances. They are well-known for producing innovative and technologically advanced products, including high-quality mini split systems.

Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric is the home appliances division of the Mitsubishi Group and one of Japan’s oldest air conditioner manufacturers. The company is known for its stringent build quality standards, and Mitsubishi mini splits are synonymous with premium-grade comfort.

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Rheem is an American HVAC company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Rheem-branded mini split systems are manufactured in Japan by Fujitsu General, offering quality home heating and cooling at unbeatable price points.


Boreal is a subsidiary of Watsco, Inc., America’s largest wholesale distributor of HVAC equipment. Boreal mini split systems are manufactured by Gree, offering a low-cost alternative to Gree’s primary product family without compromising on quality control.

Cooling and Heating Energy Efficiency

Although air conditioning systems feature many figures and specifications, two of the most critical ratings you should look for are the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) and the Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF).

SEER ratings

The SEER rating is a numerical value representing the mini split’s energy efficiency in cooling mode. When comparing two mini split systems of equal capacity, the model with the higher SEER rating is the most energy-efficient. The higher the number, the higher the energy efficiency.

High-quality single-zone mini splits available today reach SEER ratings as high as 30 or more. However, even high-capacity multi-zone systems are highly energy-efficient, such as the Gree Multi 21 penta-zone 42,000 BTU system with a SEER rating of 21.

HSPF ratings

The HSPF rating is the heating equivalent of the SEER rating, representing a heat pump’s energy efficiency in heating mode. Like SEER, the higher the number, the more energy-efficient.

Quality heat pumps today feature HSPF ratings of 8.5 or more, which is the minimum requirement to earn an Energy Star certification.

Top-rated heat pumps such as the Mitsubishi Electric Hyper Heat product family feature HSPF ratings of 10 or more.

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Additional Features and Benefits

Each mini split product family usually comes with a range of extra features to help them stand out from the competition.

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If you’re wondering which features to look for, here are a few questions to ask yourself when choosing a heat pump for your home:

  • Is air quality critical to you? Look for models featuring advanced air filtration technology with HEPA filters and humidity control.
  • Do you live in a cold climate? Consider a mini split system designed to operate at extreme temperatures to ensure maximum comfort during the winter.
  • Do you plan on installing an indoor unit inside a bedroom? Check your system’s operating noise levels. Models producing under 30 dB are quieter than a human whisper so you can sleep undisturbed.
  • Is connectivity a critical factor? Check whether the manufacturer offers a mobile application and Wi-Fi connectivity; they can let you control your mini split from your smartphone.

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