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Garage Ductless Heater & A/C

Garage Ductless Heater & A/C

Garages are not just used for parking cars nowadays; they serve as workshops, on-site storage units, and much more. With this versatility comes a need for an efficient heating and cooling system. Fortunately, ComfortUp sells a wide variety of ductless mini split systems that are perfect for garages. Mini-split sizing is very important when considering which make and model to purchase, so read below to find out what size mini split is best for a garage!

Mini Split Sizing

Ductless mini split systems consist of an outdoor condenser or compressor connected to one or more indoor air handling units by a series of copper wires and pipes. Many homeowners assume that “bigger = better” when shopping for a mini split, but this is not the case. Each unit or system is designed to heat and cool an area of a specific size, meaning that improperly sized units operate very inefficiently. A properly sized system provides optimal temperature control while reducing your home’s energy consumption and costs.
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The size of a mini split air conditioner is talking about its capability to heat or cool a certain space. It is measured in tons and expressed in British Thermal Units, abbreviated as BTUs. BTUs refer to the amount of energy required to heat the temperature of water by one degree Fahrenheit, and one ton equals 12,000 BTUs per hour. Therefore, a 1-ton air conditioner can remove 12,000 BTUs of heat in one hour, a 2-ton air conditioner can remove 24,000 BTUs of heat, and so on.

Garage Size and Type

Garages are either attached to the home or detached stand-alone buildings. An attached garage may or may not already be on the path of an existing central-ducted HVAC system, but a detached garage will not be. Expanding ductwork to either a stand-alone or attached garage will be costly, time-consuming, and inefficient, which is why many opt to heat and cool their garage with a ductless mini split system.
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Mini splits are available in single or multi-zone systems. Single-zone systems have one outdoor unit connected to one indoor unit, while multi-zone systems feature up to eight indoor units connected to one outdoor unit. A single-zone system is perfect in a stand-alone garage or attached garage that is not on the path of an existing ducted system.

It can also be used as a supplemental heat source if the garage is on the path. If your home has a multi-zone mini split system already, you can add on another indoor unit for the garage, depending on your system’s capabilities.

Garages are designed to house one, two, or three cars . One-car garages are the smallest and the average size is 12 ft. x 22 ft. (264 sq. ft.). Other common dimensions include 14 ft. x 22 ft. (308 sq. ft.), 16 ft. x 24 ft. (384 sq. ft.), and 14 ft. x 24 ft. (336 sq. ft.). A 12 x 22 garage would require a 6,000 BTU mini split, while the three other sizes would require a 6,000 or 9,000 BTU mini split for efficient heating and cooling.

The average two-car garage is 18 ft. by 20 ft. (360 sq. ft.) and other common sizes include 20 ft. x 20 ft. (400 sq. ft.), 22 ft. x 22 ft. (484 sq. ft.), and 20 ft. x 22 ft. (440 sq. ft.). An 18 ft. by 20 ft. garage would require a 9,000 BTU mini split , while the other three sizes would require a 9,000 or 12,000 BTU mini split .

Three-car garages are usually 32 ft. by 22 ft. (704 sq. ft.), and other common sizes include 36 ft. by 25 ft. (900 sq. ft.), 38 ft. by 26 ft. (988 sq. ft.), and 40 ft. by 30 ft. (1,200 sq. ft.). A 15,000 or 18,000 BTU mini split would work in a 32 ft. by 22 ft. garage, while an 18,000 or 24,000 BTU mini split could handle a 38 ft. by 26 ft. garage. The larger 40 ft. by 30 ft. garage would require a 30,000 or 36,000 BTU system .

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Some of the aforementioned garage sizes have multiple BTU options, which is explained by factors such as insulation, desired indoor temperature, and local climate. A professional HVAC technician could examine your garage and determine which size is best for you. For other questions or concerns concerning ductless mini splits, please call 1-855-337-0001 or contact us online .

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