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What's a 4-Zone Mini Split?

ComfortUp proudly provides customers across the nation with high-quality heating and cooling products from the industry’s most trusted brands. Ductless mini splits are highly efficient HVAC systems and also some of our best-selling products. We sell several different varieties of ductless mini splits, such as four-zone systems. Read below to learn more about four-zone ductless mini splits, and then order yours today!

Single- vs. Multi-Zone Mini Split Systems

Ductless mini splits feature an outdoor condenser unit connected to an indoor air conditioner by a series of copper wires and pipes, and they are available in single- and multi-zone systems. A single-zone system features one outdoor unit connected to only one indoor unit, while a multi-zone system features more than one indoor unit connected to the same outdoor unit. “Zones” are typically floors, rooms, or open areas.

Regardless of your heating and cooling needs, a single- or multi-zone ductless mini split system is the solution. This is a significant reason why ductless mini splits are so appealing to both home and business owners, as their versatility is unmatched by alternatives such as window units and central ducted systems. Single-zone systems allow you to adjust temperature, humidity, airflow, and other settings to control the climate in the zone where the indoor unit is physically located.

The climate settings on each air conditioner in a multi-zone system can be adjusted independently of each other, meaning that you can change the settings on one air conditioner without impacting any other air conditioner on the same system. This allows you to isolate each zone and create different desired climates within the same indoor area, such as a home or business.

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4-Zone Mini Splits

A four-zone mini split system features four different indoor units connected to the same outdoor unit, which gives you the ability to create four different indoor climates. This technology is ideal for homeowners because it all but eliminates “thermostat wars.” There are likely to be differences in temperature preferences among family members or roommates that result in people adjusting the thermostat behind the others’ back.

With a four zone mini split system, each member can control the temperature and climate in their specific area, such as a bedroom or living room, without impacting another zone.

Mini splits can function as the primary or supplementary heating and cooling systems in a given indoor area. This means that they can adequately heat or cool the area by themselves while also coexisting with another HVAC system like a central ducted system. A four-zone mini split is also an excellent option for those in need of supplemental heating or cooling.

Homes with central ducted HVAC systems often suffer from temperature imbalances in areas where the ductwork cannot reach. Basements, garages, sunrooms, attics, and any new additions built after the system was installed are likely not along the ductwork’s path, and it is very expensive and intrusive to extend or add ductwork.

Fortunately, installing a mini split system will be much cheaper and easier and will create a more comfortable indoor environment! Four-zone mini split systems are also excellent options in offices and businesses that require different climate needs in different areas, whether for employee preference or business functions.

ComfortUp Sells 4-Zone Mini Splits Systems!

Brands such as GREE and Mitsubishi can meet the HVAC needs of any customer. These systems have SEER, or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratios, of up to 24, meaning that they operate at a very high level of efficiency and minimize wasted energy, which leads to lower energy bills.

You can purchase a four-zone system with four indoor air conditioners with the exact same specifications, or you can purchase a system with air conditioners with different specifications, such as BTUs (British Thermal Units). This allows home and business owners to meet heating and cooling needs in rooms of different sizes.

For example, a Gree 42,000 btu outdoor unit can be packaged with one 9,000 BTU, two 12,000 BTU'ss, and one 18,000 BTU indoor units.

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