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Boreal Brisa

Why We Love the Boreal Brisa

ComfortUp proudly carries a wide variety of ductless mini split systems and accessories from the industry’s most trusted brands. One specific product we love is the Boreal Brisa. Read below to find out why our staff speaks so highly of this mini split, and then order yours today!

Trusted Manufacturer

Boreal products are manufactured by GREE as a value brand and price-competitive product line within the HVAC industry. GREE is one of the most trusted manufacturers within the industry, and Boreal products offer many of the same features, functions, and advantages at a lower starting price point.

This, coupled with their quality manufacturing components, makes them more appealing to customers than other “white-label” brands such as Pioneer, Mr. Cool, Senville, and Klimaire. Their durability, accessibility, and efficiency also help them stand out against other value HVAC brands.

Warranties are the main difference between GREE mini splits and Boreal product lines. GREE products come with a 5/7 warranty for parts and compressors while Boreal products feature a 2/5 parts and compressor warranty. This means that GREE parts and compressors are covered for five and seven years, respectively, while Boreal parts and compressors are covered for two and five years. It’s important to note that no HVAC manufacturer’s warranty covers labor, but ComfortUp sells extended product warranties that offer longer and more thorough coverage in the event of a malfunction or system defect.

Sizing and Unit Versatility

Regardless of your heating and cooling needs, there is a Boreal Brisa system for you. There are high-efficiency single, dual, tri, and quad zone systems available, allowing you to heat up to four different indoor areas at once! Each air conditioner on a multi-zone system can be adjusted independently of each other, allowing you to create personal comfort climates in each “zone.”

Boreal Brisa systems are also available in a wide range of BTUs, or British Thermal Units. Mini splits are designed for use in rooms of specific sizes, so improperly sized mini splits operate inefficiently and do not create a comfortable indoor environment. These mini splits range from 9,000 BTUs to 42,000 BTUs, allowing you to heat and cool rooms of all different sizes!

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Product Specifications

Boreal Brisa mini splits are highly efficient, with up to 19 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). They use R410A refrigerant to maximize your system’s ability to heat and cool any area. Since these models already have Wi-Fi incorporated into the unit, you can control your system via smartphone application or smart thermostat. This provides in-depth analysis and information regarding temperature, airflow, humidity, and more. This product line offers very similar features and function to the GREE Livo+, one of our most popular mini split systems, for a lower price point.

We sell a variety of different Boreal Brisa systems. This single-zone system is available and comes with an indoor wall-mounted air conditioner, an outdoor condenser, and a wireless remote control. It offers a 17 SEER and 12,000 BTUs of heating and cooling capacity, meaning it is designed for a room of 400 to 650 sq. ft. This system has cooling temperature ranges from 0 ℉ to 115 ℉ and heating temperature ranges from -4 ℉ to 75 ℉.

This dual-zone system features one outdoor condenser, two wireless remotes, and two separate wall-mounted indoor air handler units. It offers a 21 SEER and 12.5 EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio). With 24,000 BTUs of total heating and cooling capacity, it can comfortably handle upto 1,200 sq. ft. with each zone being upto 600 sq. ft.  Click here to learn even more.

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Order Your Boreal Brisa Today!

We have a wide selection of Boreal Brisa systems in stock and available for immediate nationwide distribution, so you could have a brand new mini split system installed in your home or business in no time! We also sell a full line of parts and accessories compatible with the Boreal Brisa, such as installation kits and smart thermostats. Our team of trained product specialists is more than happy to answer any questions to help find the best Boreal Brisa system for you! Give us a call at  1-855-337-0001 or contact us online today!

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