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Window A/C Unit Cost

Window A/C Unit Cost


When the summer heat starts to really heat up, you don’t want to get caught with a broken air conditioner. Nobody does. But guess what? The mercury level is not going to drop anytime soon, so unless you can find a way to stay cool and avoid the heatwave, you need to act fast and sort out your cooling needs.

Your best recourse when repair wouldn’t work? Purchase a new cooling system. Yes, we understand. You might be busy. Or you don’t know what type of system to look for. Or you just have no idea what to do. Nothing to worry about. It’s normal. Air conditioners are typically used for the long haul, and even if you’ve been directly involved in purchasing your old unit, that most likely happened a long, long time ago. Say, 10 years back? Or 15 years ago? The point is, if you’re one of those people who have been using a more than a decade-old air-conditioner, then you’re not expected to know anything about what’s cool in the HVAC world. Who keeps tab of the latest in air conditioning technology, anyway? No one, unless it has something to do with your professional work. So, what you need to do is, well, two things: Buy a window air conditioner and chill out. Remember that air conditioning system is a major purchase, so if there’s one thing that you really have to give an iota of concern, it would be the cost. But make no mistake about it; compared with other systems, window air conditioners are super cheap. In this article, the aim is to give you an idea how much you can expect to pay for a window air conditioner. Key questions such as the following will have to be answered, so read on.

What is a Window Air Conditioner?

A window air conditioner is one of two types of room air conditioners. The other one is the so-called through-the-wall air conditioner. It is used to cool a small to large room. A unit with a bigger cooling capacity can cool a much bigger space. A window air conditioner is the most basic type of air conditioning system. It is a self-contained unit, standalone unit, which means all of its basic components, such as the compressor, condenser coil, evaporator coil, vents and motorized fan system, air filter, expansion valve, controls, and others, are all housed in a single housing unit. As its name suggests, a window air conditioner is designed to be installed on a window. Basically, any type of window, as long as it fits. And if it fits, it’s going to work out for you. No hassle whatsoever. But it can be mounted on a wall, too. Normally supported by a bracket, window air conditioners are usually installed with its part for exhaust air release facing outside. The part where the cool air is released and where the digital and manual controls are located is positioned facing inside the room. Not surprisingly, window air conditioner is the type of cooling system that almost everybody uses throughout the world. In the United States alone, the Energy Department reports in 2013 that it is found to be the most sold system every year than any other type of cooling solution.

Why You Should Use Window Air Conditioner?

When a central air conditioning system (or other types of system for that matter) is not going to work based on your current situation, your best bet is none other than the system that almost everybody uses—window air conditioners. Easy-to-buy, quick-to-install, and simple-to-use, a window air conditioner is proving to be the best alternative when you need a cooling system fast. And the best thing about it? It’s cheaper than all the cooling systems that you can find in the market today.

How Much Does a Window Air Conditioner Cost?

When it comes to buying a new air conditioner, cost would naturally come as an important factor in your purchasing decision. So, let’s try to examine how much a window air conditioner costs. Unlike other type of systems, window air conditioners can be easily purchased without going through any kind of a financing deal. You can practically buy a unit for just a few hundred bucks. On the average, the price range of a window air conditioner ranges from $150 to $500. The Department of Energy estimated it at $150 to $600 for the unit and $10–$15 for accessories or additional items during installation. And that was around 5 years ago. Truth be told, there’s really no significant increase on the price range even today. But remember that it is only a ballpark figure, so even if there’s a slight increase, it would definitely not go beyond over a couple of thousand bucks, and that includes some really high-efficiency systems and ultra-advanced window air conditioners. In fact, even if you include installation costs, it would still be very affordable and would not break the bank.

How Window Air Conditioners Are Priced?

Window air conditioners vary in terms of the price due to several factors. Among the most important cost influencers are the following • Energy-efficiency level. Like in the case of any type of air conditioning system, the energy-efficiency of a window air conditioner has a lot to do with the price of a unit. The more energy-efficient the unit, the higher the price. In this respect, the idea is you would get more energy-savings from more energy-efficient units. Thus, it could be said that the increase in price is directly proportionate to the energy-saving capabilities of the unit, which of course, translates to lower energy bill. In window air conditioners, the best gauge of efficiency is through CEER or Combined Energy Efficiency Ratio. It is the latest energy-efficiency standard for window air conditioners that was mandated by the Energy Department. by which Window Air conditioners are rated by the DOE (Department of Energy), as of June 2014. With CEER, the efficiency of the unit is measured based on how much the system uses power when in operation mode or in standby mode. The higher CEER mean the window air conditioning unit is more energy-efficient. Window air conditioners with higher CEER are normally more expensive than the same units with lower CEER. • Size of the unit. When talking about size of air conditioners, what is being referred to is not dimension but cooling capacity. The cooling capacity is usually measured in BTU (British thermal units) per hour). The higher the cooling capacity of a unit, the more it is expensive. When looking for a window air conditioner, it is very important that you get the right size for the room where you will install the unit. Take note that the best size is always the right size. When the unit is small or has a very low cooling capacity and you used it in a big room, it might not become effective in cooling the whole space. It will only be forced to work harder and therefore would be using more energy. When the unit is big or has very high cooling capacity and you used it in a very small room, it will also just waste energy because it will undergo the energy-wasting cycle of turning on and turning off. It turns off when it already reaches the set temperature level and turns on again because it has to maintain that specific temperature level. When it comes to window air conditioner, the bigger the size, the higher the price. • System features. Different brands of window air conditioners vary in terms of system features. This creates a variation in price. Having more features means more capabilities. While some window air conditioners are available with just the basic features, there are units or models that are built with advanced features, and therefore more expensive than the ordinary ones. • Brand. Like any type of product, the price of window air conditioners also varies depending on the brand of the unit. Brand creates value, and this value influences price. Normally, more popular HVAC brands can command higher price for their products. Window air conditioner is no exception.

How Much Should You Expect to Pay When Installing a Window Air Conditioner?

Window air conditioners are easy to install and do not need extra accessories aside from the bracket and insulation materials. On the average, your installation cost would just be around a few hundred bucks, and that’s already inclusive of labor cost. Overall, when you add the unit cost with the installation costs for an average-sized, high-efficiency window air conditioner, the highest amount that you would incur would be around $1000-$1500. Of course, that amount would increase or decrease depending on the model that you choose, the size and energy-efficiency level of the unit, and the features.

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A window air conditioner is a very common type of cooling, so you would not have any problem finding on. The truth is, your main concern would be getting the right one amidst many choices. And the right one is the unit that is low-cost, but more powerful and energy-efficient. And most importantly, it should fit right into the room environment where you planned to have it installed. Remember that right fit means right size. To find the best window air conditioner that fits right to your home and suits your budget and situation, you can visit for some of the best available selections if .
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