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Window Air Conditioners With Heat

Window Air Conditioners With Heat


Let’s face it, a window air conditioner has been practically everyone’s go-to cooling system at home. In fact, it remains so even to this day when newer air conditioning solutions are already available. But how many times have you had to fix your window air conditioner for the summer only to haul it back to storage when the season changed? And how many times did you fret about prepping your home for winter so you would not get caught in a frigid zone? Yes, a window air conditioner is compact, low-cost, easy to install, and works decently enough to give us the exact cooling comfort that we need. But conventional window ACs are only just that—a system for cooling. And for a long time, we have been using separate systems just to stay warm and cool at home.

That being said, how many times before have you wished that your window AC could work both ways? Well, it’s 2017 and the window air conditioners today are totally different from those clunky box of cooling appliances. They are no longer the same as those bulky units that were mounted on window ledges of antiquated buildings and vernacular houses in old residential districts or downtown metros back in the 70’s, 80’s, and even up to 90’s. Many window air conditioners today are now engineered to work both as an air conditioner and heat pump. This development present numerous advantages. Window air conditioners with a heat pump capability give you more flexibility and savings with your home’s climate control system. The reason is quite obvious. If you can use your window air conditioner both as a cooling and heating solution, then you would no longer have to worry about the system to use just to stay cool or warm when it’s sweltering hot or freezing cold outside. In other words, you pretty much have everything to stay comfortable during summer or winter. And not only that. You can actually use the system any time you need to without changing your installed AC and heat pump system every now and then.

That’s right. You can now have an efficient, cost-effective equipment that you can use almost all year-round—no matter the season, and regardless of the weather. When it comes to air conditioners with cooling and heating capabilities, the Chill®+ Electric Heat window air conditioners from Friedrich Air Conditioning are some of your best options.

Friedrich Window Air Conditioners

If there’s a list about the top window-mounted ACs out there, Friedrich window units would definitely be high up on the ranking. They certainly would not go lower than the top 3 or 5, depending, of course, on what criteria one is basing on. Friedrich rolls out two series of high-efficiency, high-performance, and ultra-durable window air conditioners—the ultra-premium Kühl® and the deluxe Chill®. Both are designed for residential and commercial applications, although the former is more of a commercial-grade system.

While Friedrich still has options for “cooling only” units, we’ll be looking into its “heat + cool” window ACs. Specifically, the Chill®+ Electric Heat Series. What is Friedrich Chill®+ Electric Heat Series of Window Air Conditioners? Friedrich Chill+ Electric Heat series is a premium line of window units that you can use in two ways:

1. As a primary heating solution in moderate climates.

2. As a supplemental heating system in colder climates.

Basically, if you have a room that is always too cold during winter, a Chill+ Electric Heat unit might be a good option. Unlike other similar systems, it boasts of quick heating capability. As a cooling and heating system, Chill+ units are available in different capacities, which are:

  • 7500 Btu to 23,000 Btu cooling capacity
  • 3850 Btu to 12,000 Btu heating capacity

Using the cooling sizing guide, these efficiencies make the units ideal for a wide range of room sizes. If you have a room between 300 to 1400 square-feet, then you’d not have problem achieving the cooling comfort that you need with any Chill+ unit. Just remember that your room’s insulation, level of sun exposure which is also dependent on the number windows, and number of occupancy, affect the cooling capability of your unit. Make some adjustments if possible.

For example, if your room is heavily shaded, you should increase the cooling Btu up by 10%. If more than normal amount of sunlight penetrates into the room, increase the cooling Btu by 10% as well. If let’s say the room will be occupied by more than two persons, you will have to add 500 Btu for each additional person. Now, if the room where you will install the unit is a kitchen, it requires you to add another 4,000 Btu. If you need an assistance regarding the right capacity of the Chill+ unit for your specific room, you can ask the help of a Friedrich dealer or seek the assistance of an HVAC technician with a specialized knowledge on Friedrich systems. This will help you make sure that the unit that you just purchased suits your particular application and can adequately adapt to the particular climate in the area where you live.

With regard to the size of the window AC units, Friedrich has two options: the models that can fit into windows with a width size of 20 1/8 inches to 36 inches; and the models that fits into windows with a width size of 20 1/8 inches to 42 inches. The “cool only” systems are available with the two options, although it’s only the CP05 model that fits into the former. The Chill+ Electric Heat units—which are the EP08, EP12, EP18, and EP24 models—all fit into the window with a width size of 20 1/8 inches to 42 inches. To give you the specific dimensions, here are the sizes of the Chill+ Electric Heat models:The Chill+ units are highly efficient systems, and for sure, you’d want to know how efficient these models are so you’d get an idea how much energy-savings you can get from each one.

To give you a better insight, here’s how they are rated in terms of Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) and Combined Energy Efficiency Ratio (CEER), along with the estimated yearly energy cost:Using the data, we can say that the EER of Chill+ Electric Heat models ranges from 9.8 up to 11.3; while the CEER ranges from 9.8 up to 11.2. What we can also gather from these information is the fact that the most energy-efficient model is the EP12G33B with an EER of 11.3 and a CEER or 11.2 both for heating and cooling. This will particular model is discussed in the last section. Also important for you of course would be the savings that you can get from these systems. In the given data above, the estimated energy cost is determined based on an electricity cost of $ .12 per kWh.

Quite obvious is the fact that the EP08G11B model can cost you less amount of money in a year than the rests of the models in the series. But compared with systems of other brands, we can say that all of these units can bring you more cost-savings. Remember that this is only an estimate, so the real cost would still depend on how frequent you’d be using the system and how much is the specific electricity rate in the area where you live. As a side note, the Chill+ Electric Heat models are available in different voltage ratings that range from 115v to 230/208v. To give you more information, here’s a summary of the features and capabilities of the Friedrich Chill®+ Electric Heat window air conditioners:

What Will You Get from Using Friedrich Chill®+ Electric Heat Window Units?

  • Complete heating and cooling comfort. Not all window air conditioners are designed for both cooling and heating. With Friedrich Chill®+, you get both comfort in one single system.
  • Greater convenience. Having a system that you can use year-round lets you avoid using different types of equipment for heating and cooling.
  • Control over your comfort. The Friedrich Chill®+ units are built with smart control options that enable you set the unit according to your exact needs and preference.
  • Substantial energy-savings. All of the Friedrich Chill®+ models have high efficiency ratings.
  • Easy installation. Friedrich Chill®+ units are very easy to install, enabling you to avoid the high costs and complexities that are normally associated with other systems.
  • Durable and secure system. Made of highest-grade materials and built with EntryGard™ anti-intrusion protection, Friedrich Chill®+ systems assure you of a stable and secure system with a longer lifespan.

Why Should You Use a Heating and Cooling Solution from Friedrich?

Friedrich Air Conditioning is one of the oldest players in the HVAC industry, having been around since the 1950s, although the company’s history goes way back as early as 1883. Any company that as established as that certainly deserves a big plus. But try window shopping for a window unit and you’d be overwhelmed by a plethora of models from more popular brand names. These are the same manufacturers that sell almost all type of home, commercial, and industrial equipment—air conditioners, televisions, washing machines, mobile accessories, refrigerators, automotive products, and many others. Basically, if you can name it, these mainstream brands have it.

Don’t make any mistake about it, though. These brand are, most of the time, offer some of the most advanced, topnotch systems. But where does Friedrich, as a brand, fits in and why it makes a smart option? Because Friedrich only does one thing: create air conditioners. Nothing else. So, when it comes to expertise, this company is not so thinned out. This makes them the best at what they do, ensuring better, quality products, such as window air conditioners. Currently, Friedrich window air conditioners are some of the most durable, energy-efficient, and super-quiet air conditioning solutions that you can find in the market today. Not surprisingly, these are the same units that have always been the top choice for tough environments. In fact, you can go to the farthest oil rigs and you will find a Friedrich air conditioner. Even the Kennedy Space Center makes use of Friedrich AC systems.

Probably nothing encapsulates this point better than a testimonial from a homeowner that was posted in Friedrich website. Here, a certain Bill from New Orleans, LA said:

"The air conditioner that sat in Katrina's flood waters for three weeks was still in the den window. My wife was complaining about the heat, and I jokingly said, ‘Oh, no problem, let me turn on the air conditioner.’ To our amazement, the motor came on and it began to cool the room! We are so impressed with the obvious quality of your air conditioners…."

Well, if it works in the oil rig, or in one NASA’s toughest field centers, or if it can even survive the wrath of a super typhoon, then it would definitely work for your home too! And maybe a thousand fold.

Get Your Friedrich Chill®+ Electric Heat Window Unit from ComfortUp

ComfortUp offers a variety of excellent window air conditioning solutions. For a specific selection, you can choose Friedrich Chill+ Electric Heat EP12G33B model, the most energy-efficient model in the Chill+ series. Specifically, EP12G33B model is a heating and cooling unit that is available at 12000/11500 cooling Btu and 11200/9200 heating Btu. This system also runs on a 230/208 volts. It has 4.8/5.1 cooling amps and 1060/1010 cooling watts, as well as 14.0/15.3 heating amps and 3500/2900 heating watts. Available with 11.3/11.3 EER and 11.2/11.2 CEER, the EP12G33B model unit provides an estimated yearly energy cost of $96.00.


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