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300-500 Sq Ft Mini Split Systems

300-500 Sq Ft Mini Split Systems


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For smaller apartments or rooms in your home, a mini split system is ideal. If you have a 300-500 sq ft apartment or room, ComfortUp has several options available. We stock mini split systems from reliable brands, including GREE, Mitsubishi, Rheem, and LG. Mini split systems enable you to control the temperature in different rooms individually. This option not only allows you to keep your child’s bedroom warm while turning down the thermostat in your own room, but it also helps keep your energy bills down. The GREE Sapphire mini split system is an excellent choice for customers interested in saving on energy, with an industry-best energy efficient rating of 38 SEER, an Energy Star rating, and Wi-Fi controls.

You can easily install a mini split system instead of overextending your existing system to a  refurbished garage or shed or house addition. Many homeowners also choose to enhance their current system with a mini split system, giving them more freedom in temperature control. Because mini split systems are ductless, they lose less energy than other energy systems, whether you use it to heat your entire home or for one floor. Buy your new 300-500 sq ft mini split system from ComfortUp today and ensure that your home is energy efficient.