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Mini Split System w/ Installation Kits


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ComfortUp’s comfort value kits are the best value in heating and cooling systems. GREE and Boreal ductless wall-mounted HVAC systems deliver personalized climate control to any room in the house. Comfort value kits are self-contained mini split AC installation kits because they come with everything you need for HVAC system installation. 

Comfort value kits come with an outdoor compressor, indoor wall-mounted air handler unit(s), a wireless remote control, and the system’s other installation materials. Discuss with an HVAC professional whether your application requires any additional hardware. Save up to 15% on your home’s HVAC system with a ComfortUp comfort value kit.

Mini split ductless air conditioning systems pair an outdoor compressor with indoor air handlers responsible for climate control of specific zones in a home. The mini split ductless system’s zone specification uses energy efficiently by only cooling or heating specific zones. 

It decreases indoor noise levels with wall mounts rated at less than 50 dBs even when it’s set to turbo. Zone cooling also quickly provides comfortable temperatures because only the system focuses its airflow to a few zones rather than a whole house.

We offer comfort value kits to accommodate any size of home with one to five indoor zone air handlers. Their climate control reaches 1,400 to 2,300 square feet, and all comfort value kits have built-in remote control of the system. 

The comfort value kits’ SEER ratings range from 16 to 38 for the most energy-efficient options on the market. ComfortUp offers HVAC value kits for as little as $500 to supply air conditioning value to any home. Contact a ComfortUp representative to learn more about comfort value kits and other cost-saving climate control systems.