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“DIY Capable” explanation: Typically, conventional ductless mini split systems come pre-charged with refrigerant in the outdoor unit (from the manufacturer). Mini-Split indoor units need to connect to the outdoor unit via copper lines and a communication wire, these are called “Line Sets”. During Installation, its very important that a vacuum pump is hooked up to remove any moisture or impurities that might be present inside the copper lines. If moisture/impurities are not removed, they potentially can cause blockages in the flow of the refrigerant and issues would likely result within the system. This is typically one of the tasks performed by a licensed HVAC contractor and thus, the requirement for Warranty Eligibility from the manufacturers.

These select Boreal “DIY Capable” systems are packaged with the Vacuum pumps and necessary gauges to aide in the installation process and help remain eligible for Warranty. These are intended for mechanically skilled individuals.

*Note- Just like other popular brands that have “DIY” systems, licensed Electricians are still required for installation on these Boreal DIY Capable systems. *For safety, all Electrical connections should be made AFTER the installation is complete.

Regarding warranty, the manufacturers of all of the brands that we sell require that the installation is done via a state licensed HVAC contractor. This is still the case for all of our systems, except for a few select Boreal DIY Capable systems that we offer. The Boreal DIY Capable systems we offer will be clearly labeled as such. While we highly recommend installation is done by a licensed HVAC contractor,  these Boreal DIY Capable systems will have an available warranty provided that a licensed HVAC contractor is available for troubleshooting any issues and to receive any part replacement (if needed). We cannot send parts to any non-HVAC licensed individual. ComfortUp Does Not offer ANY technical assistance with installation, troubleshooting or repair. 

Systems are no longer considered DIY Capable if the line set length exceeds 25’ (the amount of refrigerant included in the outdoor unit). These instances would require licensed HVAC contractor installation for warranty eligibility. Refrigerant can only be handled by EPA certified individuals.

There are No returns for systems once installation has been attempted. Any issues after the initiation of installation would fall under warranty and would require the need of a licensed HVAC contractor to consult directly with Technical Support.

Again, we highly recommend that installation is done via applicable licensed HVAC contractors. ComfortUp is not, and will not be, responsible for any damages or injuries that may result from installation. You are assuming the risk by handling materials under pressure that contain refrigerants. If not handled properly, can cause bodily injury or death. If you do not have the technical know-how or feel comfortable performing this installation process yourself, we strongly recommend you hire the services of a qualified HVAC professional.