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Dual-Zone Mini Split A/C


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Dual zone mini split systems come with one outdoor air condenser, two indoor air handlers, and the installation materials for the system. Dual zone mini splits are perfect for heating and cooling home additions and garages and for adding to an existing duct system. Set up the two air handlers in separate rooms for area-specific climate control, or put them on opposite ends of a large open area like a garage.

A ductless mini split system allows you to add heating and cooling to a space without augmenting your existing central heating duct system. Compact air handlers can be mounted on the wall, ceiling, or floor. There are also concealed duct air handler setups that place air handlers in existing ducts to give the appearance of a central heating system while providing mini split efficiency.

A dual zone mini split AC system pairs heating and cooling capacity with unmatched efficiency. Dual mini splits have BTUs ranging from 18,000 to 42,000, which means they provide climate control for anywhere from 600 to 2,300 ft². While some models are more efficient than others, they all earn at least a 16 SEER, with some reaching up to 24 SEER.

Installing a dual mini split includes connecting the system to Wi-Fi or pairing wireless remotes with their respective air handler. The individual controls give separate rooms personalized climate control capabilities, so one thermostat no longer determines your home’s temperature.

ComfortUp carries a variety of LG, GREE, and Mitsubishi dual zone mini split systems to meet your home’s HVAC needs. Whether you need cooling and heating for a couple of small rooms or you want to add climate control to a large open plan space, a dual zone mini split from ComfortUp is the solution.