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Gree Electric is one of the world’s most successful home appliance manufacturers and the world’s largest manufacturer of home air conditioners, such as mini split systems.

ComfortUp carries an extensive selection of high-efficiency Gree mini split systems, including successful product families such as the Livo, the Livo+, the Vireo Gen 3, and the Vireo+. They also offer heat pump systems such as the Flexx, the Multi21, and the Sapphire.

Whether you need high-quality air conditioning in a single room or multiple areas of your home, ComfortUp has a suitable Gree system for you. Browse our large selection of single-zone and multi-zone Gree mini splits and find the perfect unit to match your climate control needs. Our Gree multi-zone systems range from dual-zone to penta-zone packages, with capacities reaching up to 42,000 BTU.

All Gree products offer high-precision atmosphere control. Every system features individual remote controls for each air handler, letting you adjust the temperature and airflow in each area of your house independently from the other units.

Whether you opt for a cooling-only mini split air conditioner or a heat pump capable of both heating and cooling, Gree systems are engineered to achieve the highest possible efficiency ratings. Most Gree systems meet or exceed a SEER rating of 15, and many reach 20 or more, helping keep your energy bills low without decreasing your system’s performance. This commitment to high efficiency applies even to the largest multi-zone systems, such as our Gree Multi21+ penta-zone packages.

Additional features include high-performance air filtration systems, low-noise internal design, and eco-friendly refrigerants. These features ensure that no matter which Gree system you purchase, your air conditioner will improve indoor air quality, preserve your sleep quality, and perform its cooling and heating tasks without harming the environment.