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GREE Flexx 3, 4 & 5 Ton Central Split Systems

GREE Flexx 3, 4 & 5 Ton Central Split Systems


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The GREE Flexx central split system series is the latest offering in the industry-leading brand’s product line. GREE is always on the cutting-edge of HVAC innovation. The Flexx collection combines high-tech features with an ultra-efficient design that offers homeowners flexible heating and cooling. At ComfortUp, we carry the latest GREE Flexx inverter pumps and accessories to keep your home comfortable year-round. 

The GREE Flexx’s high output capacity makes it ideal for a large residence or small to mid-size commercial property. The units offer an outstanding -22°F to 75°F heating range and a 5 °F to 129 °F cooling range for optimal comfort no matter the outside temperature.

With their inverter technology, GREE Flexx units offer up to SEER 20 rating and a 10.5 HSPF, well above federal standards. This affords homeowners incredible energy efficiency and long-term cost savings. They are also installed with eco-friendly R410A refrigerants to minimize emissions and reduce their overall environmental footprint. 

The inverter technology provides whisper-quiet operation with outdoor units producing only 45dB. The intelligent horizontal discharge design means you can install the Flexx outdoor condenser units in almost any compact outdoor area; the slim-line housing requires only six inches of space on your home’s external wall. This compact design makes the Flexx the perfect choice for zero lot line homes, duplexes, close built houses in older neighborhoods, and homes in densely populated urban areas. 

All GREE Flexx units come backed up by a manufacturer’s warranty, valid only if the unit is installed by a licensed HVAC professional. Contact the experienced sales representatives at ComfortUp today to discuss your HVAC needs and find out if a GREE Flexx is the right choice for your home.