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If you are looking for an energy-efficient multi zone HVAC system to replace your outdated ductwork, check out ComfortUp’s selection of multi zone HVAC systems. Our multi zone specials include many top-of-the-line multi zone brands to help you transition from inefficient, traditional heating and cooling systems to an affordable, energy-efficient multi zone option. 

Our multi zone HVAC specials provide you with the benefits of a multi zone HVAC system at an affordable price. You’ll save on energy costs and experience improved temperature control with a multi zone HVAC system from ComfortUp. Our multi zone specials boast high SEER ratings of up to 23 and feature built-in Wi-Fi capabilities. 

ComfortUp’s multi zone models efficiently heat and cool multiple rooms in your home. Multi zone systems utilize one outdoor unit to power two, three, four, or five individually installed indoor units. Using zoned temperature control allows you to adjust the temperature of each room based on your needs rather than wasting energy to heat and cool the entire house to one temperature. 

Our multi zone HVAC models come with easy-to-use remote controls that allow you to change the room temperature with the push of a button. The sleek, subtle design of the wall-mount indoor units give you temperate comfort without sacrificing style. 

Our multi zone specials are designed to reduce vibration and noise. The units are outfitted with a programmable sleep feature that reduces noise to almost zero, even while keeping your space at the right temperature at night. Most units provide a vast heating and cooling range between 0℉ to 118℉ for ultimate comfort and control. 

ComfortUp offers a fully backed manufacturer warranty on your multi zone HVAC system, provided a licensed HVAC professional performs the installation. Contact ComfortUp today to discuss your heating and cooling needs. An experienced sales representative can help you find the right specially-priced multi zone HVAC system for you.