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Penta Zone Ductless Mini Split Systems


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If you are looking for an HVAC system that requires no alterations to your current home or building, a 5 zone ductless mini split system is for you. Penta zone mini split systems come with one outdoor air condenser, five indoor air handlers, and five wireless remote controls for the air handlers. Whether you need climate control for a warehouse or your home, ComfortUp carries high-quality  5 zone mini split systems by GREE and Mitsubishi.

The five air handlers in a penta zone system each have four fan speeds. Climate control is fast and consistent because they do not rely on ducts to transport air. The independent air handlers allow users to heat or cool occupied rooms only without wasting energy on controlling the climate of other spaces. This, paired with 16-21 SEER ratings, ensure system-wide HVAC efficiency.

The 5 zone mini split systems are the largest sold at ComfortUp, with up to 42,000 BTUs and 3.5-ton capacity. This equates to up to 2,300 ft² of heating and cooling. The GREE Multi+ Ultra Vireo penta zone mini split system can even heat and cool extra-large spaces when the outdoor temperatures reach -31°F and 118°F.

If you’re looking to outfit your home with smart climate control, a 5 zone mini split system has you covered. They have a programmable sleep mode for silent operation, 4-way remote airflow control, and some come with Wi-Fi integration kits, so a smartphone can be your HVAC system’s remote.

ComfortUp’s selection of penta zone mini split systems give homes, offices, and warehouses options for ductless heating and cooling. 5 zone ductless mini split systems combine efficiency, smart home integration, and personalized comfort to deliver the future of climate control.