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4-Zone Mini Split Systems


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A quad zone mini split system is perfect for homes without a duct system, large home additions, commercial warehouses, and two-story outbuildings. 4 zone ductless mini split setups come with one outdoor air condenser, four indoor air handlers, and the installation materials for each handler. ComfortUp stocks Mitsubishi, GREE, LG, and Boreal quad zone mini splits.

Since a 4 zone mini split system can provide heating and cooling for up to 2,300 ft² and four separate areas, it is an excellent alternative to a central heating system. The installation is much simpler than a central heating system that requires ducts. The air handlers in a mini split setup are simply mounted on the floor, wall, ceiling, or in existing air ducts. They can be 15 to 75 feet from the outdoor air condenser.

The 4 zone ductless mini splits are also easy to maintain. They have condensate pumps that remove condensation from the air handlers and the outdoor condenser. The air handlers come with reusable or removable air filters that keep a zone’s air clean and healthy.

The main advantage of a 4 zone mini split system is the personal climate control afforded by each independent air handler. Every member of a family can make their room comfortable without requiring others to heat or cool their space to the same temperature. The zone technology also allows for climate control only in spaces that are in use. This keeps energy bills low without sacrificing comfort.

ComfortUp’s quad zone mini split systems are ideal for an old home looking to replace its outdated duct heating or commercial warehouses that need good air circulation. With BTUs ranging from 30,000 to 42,000 and SEER ratings from 16 to 21, there is a 4 zone mini split system for every use.