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Rheem Mini Split Systems

Rheem Mini Split Systems


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Rheem mini splits are premium ductless AC systems and heat pumps manufactured in North America explicitly for the domestic market. ComfortUp offers a selection of single-zone mini split AC systems and outdoor heat pumps, ideal for apartments, smaller homes, and small commercial floors.

Although they are single-zone, Rheem’s mini split air conditioners and heat pumps boast high BTU capacities. They allow you to control the temperature of a single large room or zone effectively. 

ComfortUp offers a wide array of Rheem products, suitable for any budget and capable of fulfilling any heating and cooling task in your home. The Rheem product range features BTU capacities ranging from 7,000 (up to 350 ft²) to 45,000 (up to 2,450 ft²). They are the ideal choice for any room in your house, from the smallest (bedroom, kitchen, bathroom) to the largest (living room, garage, basement).

You can also install your Rheem mini split AC or heat pump in other single-zone areas on your property, such as outdoor sheds, home workshops, or pool houses. High-capacity models are best suited for large homes and small commercial properties, such as cooling a shop floor.

With high Seasonal Energy Efficiency (SEER) ratings, you can rest assured that your Rheem mini split or heat pump system is cost-effective. No Rheem models feature ratings under the federal minimum of 15, and many models are certified SEER 20 or more, allowing you to reduce your energy expenses further.

Browse ComfortUp’s selection of Rheem mini split AC and heat pump systems today to find the perfect HVAC for your home.