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Single Zone Mini Split Systems

Single Zone Mini Split Systems


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A single-zone mini split system is a ductless mini split air conditioner with a single indoor air handler. This format is typically the most cost-effective of all mini split systems available on the market.

At ComfortUp, we carry a selection of the highest-quality single-zone mini split air conditioners on today’s market, made by the world’s most successful manufacturers: Gree Electric, Boreal, LG, Mitsubishi Electric, and Rheem.

Because single-zone mini splits feature only one indoor air handler, they are designed to offer climate control in a single room or area of the house. These air conditioning systems are highly beneficial if you live in an apartment or a small house, as it is much cheaper and more energy-efficient than a traditional central air conditioner.

A single-zone mini split can also provide efficient climate control independent of another air conditioning unit, such as a legacy ducted system, making it an excellent choice for parts of your house that the other AC system cannot reach: an attic, a garage, a separate house unit, or even an outdoor shed or workshop.

If you want year-round comfort with pleasant temperatures and quality air filtration, ComfortUp also carries a selection of single-zone heat pumps. These highly versatile mini split systems are designed to provide long-term heating and cooling, keeping you warm during the winter and helping you fight the heat and humidity of the summer.

Our single-zone mini split systems carry high cooling (SEER) and heating (HSPF) efficiency ratings. Additionally, many of our products are Energy Star-rated, ensuring maximum comfort without breaking the bank on energy bills.