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Tri Zone Ductless Mini Split Systems


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Tri zone systems provide advanced and efficient climate control for a wide range of residential and commercial projects. A tri zone mini split setup consists of one outdoor air condenser, three air handlers, three remote controls, and the system’s installation materials.

Your area’s layout determines how the 3 zone mini split HVAC system is set up. Due to the air handlers’ compact design, many people have them mounted on their room’s floor or wall. They can also mount on the ceiling or in existing central heating ducts. Along with their inconspicuous design, their quiet operation keeps your home peaceful and comfortable.

A tri zone mini split air conditioner setup can heat and cool up to 2,300 ft² while earning a 21 SEER rating. The higher the SEER number, the better the energy efficiency. Some tri zone mini split systems earn a 24 SEER rating for maximum comfort and savings.

If your home requires heating and cooling in extreme climates, there are extra heating and cooling 3 zone mini split systems by Mitsubishi and Gree. The Mitsubishi Hyper Heat system can heat a 1,650 ft² area while the outside temperature dips to -13°F. The GREE Multi+ Ultra and Vireo+ systems heat and cool from -31°F to 118°F, respectively.

ComfortUp has tri zone mini split systems that provide efficient and consistent climate control for one to three areas in your home. With respected brands like Mitsubishi, GREE, LG, and Boreal, you are sure to find the mini split system for you at ComfortUp.