Warranty Submission Complete

Thank you for taking the time to fill out our Gree Warranty Claim Form.  This information is now being expedited to the Gree Technical Support Team on your behalf.

Your Next Step...

Please have your HVAC Contractor call the # below to work with the Gree Technical Support team to troubleshoot and identify a resolution to your system's issue. *PLEASE NOTE, Gree Tech Support will ONLY speak with licensed HVAC contractors. If parts or replacement unit(s) are deemed necessary, ComfortUp will ship them to the contractor upon warranty approval from Gree.

Please have your licensed HVAC contractor call  888-850-7928 Its recommended having your contractor call Gree Tech to confirm their availability PRIOR to making a trip out to the job-site.  If Gree Tech is temporarily unavailable, it may take some time for them to call back.  This will help avoid any wasted time and expense at the job-site.

*Please also note, Gree Technical support has an unregistered phone number. If your contractor is expecting a call back from them, be sure they are aware of this and do not disregard any unregistered calls.

We thank you for your cooperation and wish you fast and effective resolution.

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