reduce bills.
prevent damage.

Save thousands on water costs

with lifetime monitoring

The only water sensors that monitor water use in real-time and detect leaks and floods. Our intelligent water flow and leak detection solutions analyze normal water usage at your properties and alert you to problems when they occur - protecting you from water damage and high water bills.

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multi story residence building
I would wholeheartedly recommend this product to every single landlord and I have personally made Flowie an integral part of my property management solution.”
-Paul Kondakos, Professional Real Estate Investor
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the alert labs suite of smart sensors

Professional grade. Affordable price.

Flowie remote water flow and leak sensor


water flow sensor

Reduces water bills and prevents damage with instant alerts for leaks, floods, humidity, pipe freezing and power outages.

Floodie flood detection sensor


flood sensor

Prevents water damage with leak & flood alerts. The average basement flood is $43,000. Reduces premiums with many insurance carriers. Needs a cellular sensor: Flowie, Sumpie or Sentree.


easy install. always on.

snapping fingers

installs in seconds

No tools or plumbing knowledge needed.

works in a power outage

Unlike WiFi devices, our sensors keep monitoring when the power goes out.

Empty wifi symbol with an exclamation mark inside

no wifi pairing

Just turn the sensors on and they're good to go.

identify high water cost properties

Compare all properties — in one place — to get big picture validity of your water expenses.

map of greater Toronto area with water usage and cost statistics for a single property
residential condo and single house protected by Flowie water sensor and Floodie flood sensors

protect residential...

Professional grade property protection and analytics at a fraction of the cost. Detect leaks, floods, water use, pipe freezing, and humidity with our advanced property management solutions.

Shopping mall protected by Flowie water sensor and Floodie flood sensors

...and commercial properties

Sensors are compatible with most water meter technologies including positive displacement.

Alert Labs app and dashboard examples on a laptop and mobile phone
mobile phone

web and mobile app

Convenient dashboard to monitor all your properties at a glance.

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Get instant alerts on your phone when trouble strikes.

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real-time analytics

Minute by minute data gives you revolutionary insight into water use.

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multiple user accounts

Faster bill dispute resolution

Several mutli story buildings on a street front

payback in 2 months

After he received an abnormally high water bill, a rental property owner installed two Flowie smart water flow sensors at seperate properties. Within one week, he had used real-time water use information to identify leaky toilets at the different buildings. The leaks would have cost $5,500 a year. Flowie generated an ROI of 70% in just 2 months and 922% in 1 year. The owner continues to keep his water bills low thanks to water usage information and alerts from Flowie.

2 Months 1 Year 5 Years
ROI 70% 922% 4610%
Savings $378 $5,500 $24,810
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