Sump Pump Sensor

with lifetime monitoring

Sumpie is the world’s first predictive sump pump sensor. This professional-grade sensor uses a cellular connection to monitor sump pit water levels in real-time and tells you when the sump pump needs maintenance. It sends power failure alarms, too. Sumpie can be installed in minutes.

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$ 1,095
$ 595
Sumpie sump pit sensor
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Water in half full beaker

water level

EKG trace for single heartbeat

sump pump health

Two cracked and broken gears

mechanical failure

power outages

Speedometer near maximum speed

overflow warning

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2-minute install

Sumpie installs in just two minutes in normal and sealed sump pits.

Tony Romanelli, CEO of RCC Waterproofing holds Sumpie

Largest Waterproofing Company in Canada working with Alert Labs

"RCC has been helping customers deal with the aftermath of basement flooding for over 100 years. People underestimate the damage water can do. When a basement floods, it takes a toll not just financially, but emotionally, too. We’re thrilled to be able to offer Sumpie to our customers and help them avoid the heartache and financial loss caused by basement floods.”

- Tony Romanelli, CEO of RCC Waterproofing

complete water alarm system

Easily pair Floodie flood sensor with Sumpie for additional protection against leak and flood damage. Waterproof and reusable Floodie also offers:

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Up to 1000 ft. (300 m) range


5 year battery

Horizontal or vertical placement

house protected by Sumpie sump pump sensor and Floodie flood sensors
Alert Labs dashboard on a laptop and mobile showing Sumpie drilldown page

real time sump pump data

Assigned users receive alerts for a failing sump pump before flooding happens. Contractors can identify and dispatch the right service.

Water in beaker with upward arrow representing increasing water level

Track rising water

exclamation mark enclosed in triangle

Receive high water alarms

remote monitoring

Wherever you are, receive notifications and alerts about sump pump and pit events, even during power outages. Have comfort knowing that your home or property is monitored 24/7 by Sumpie.

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Basement flooding by the numbers

1 in 55

homes experience water damage and freezing every year


the average cost of basement flood in a city


of basement floods are the result of sump pump failure



the alert labs team of smart sensors

Professional grade. Affordable price.

Flowie remote water flow and leak sensor


water flow sensor

Reduces water bills and prevents damage with instant alerts for leaks, floods, humidity, pipe freezing and power outages. Flowie is specially designed for use with indoor water meters.

Floodie flood detection sensor


flood sensor

Prevents water damage with leak & flood alerts. The average basement flood is $43,000. Reduces premiums with many insurance carriers. Needs a cellular sensor: Flowie or Sumpie.

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