Active Carbon Filter for VIREO & LIVO 30k, 36k BTU

SKU: GF11012422
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    Gree GF11012422 - Active Carbon Filter for VIREO & LIVO 30k, 36k BTU

    PLEASE NOTE: Black frame is not included.

    Active Carbon Filters are especially useful for eliminating odors from tobacco smoke, pets, common household cleaners and other sources. For the past few hundred years, this type of filter has been used to deodorize and absorb unpleasant smells.

    The carbon filter uses a charcoal surface treated with oxygen to activate millions of microscopic pores found between the filter's carbon atoms. These microscopic sites use chemical attraction to absorb and trap small molecules given off by odors. It is one of the best filters for smokers, pet owners or those whose homes or workplaces have heavy chemical odors.

    Gree Advanced Carbon Air Filter is a passive filtering system that helps clean and deordorize the air in your home or office while using the power from the Gree high-wall unit. It is the perfect way to help keep allergens and bad odors out of the room.

    Advanced Carbon Air Filters should be replaced every 3 to 4 months depending on room conditions.

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    Type Carbon
    UPC 841999162917
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    Active Carbon Filter for VIREO & LIVO 30k, 36k BTU

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