Silver Ion Filter for VIREO & LIVO 30k, 36k BTU

SKU: GF111224591
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    GREE GF111224591 - Silver Ion Filter for VIREO & LIVO 30k, 36k BTU

    PLEASE NOTE: Black frame is not included.

    The Gree Advanced Silver Ion filter is highly effective for removing harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, spore, and common allergens from the air circulating throughout your home or office. Silver ions are a colorless and tasteless ion that have no side effects, irritations or pollution.

    The technology at work in our silver ion filter is a relatively new concept. It is commonly found in touch screens, mobile phones and textiles because of its ability to destroy harmful microorganisms on surfaces and prevent their growth. The filter generates and releases silver ions into the air stream, where they attach to microorganisms, destroys microbes on the molecular level, and effectively prevent reproduction and growth.

    Since the ion recycles itself after sterilizing, it is durable and long-lasting. In addition to long-term sterilization, the silver ion filter is environmentally friendly, safe and effective at reducing harmful airborne contaminants.

    The Silver Ion air filter should be replaced every 3 to 4 months depending on room conditions.

  • Product Specifications

    Item Height 0.394 inches
    Item Length 0.689 inches
    Item Weight 0.01 pounds
    Item Width 0.591 inches
    UPC 841999162993
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    Silver Ion Filter for VIREO & LIVO 30k, 36k BTU

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